Vol. 137, No. 14 // 7 April 2018

April 6, 2018



Sporting chances for everyone 

Across Australia, sports ministries are helping bring young people together and showing them a better way to live, writes Julie Houghton.



Nick Willis walks tall

Walking isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Olympic sprinter Nick Willis. The New Zealander won silver and bronze medals in successful 1500 m runs at the London and Rio Olympic Games. 



How to get off a ski lift

It was not until I was sitting on the ski lift that I realised I would have to get off. It was my first time skiing and we were on our honeymoon in New Zealand. I had my gear on and managed to plonk myself onto the lift, skis and all.



“What we do in life echoes in eternity” is a quote much loved by cognitive behavioural therapist Yvonne Griese, whose new book A Cross in Time examines how our own faith journey can have an impact on future generations, Julie Houghton writes.



You won’t be disappointed

Maurice* went to the Salvos looking for help with groceries, but found so much more.



Paul, Apostle of Christ (M)



[ book ] The Tea Gardens by Fiona McIntosh

[ book ] Travelling Australia Mick’s Way by Mick Miller and Robyn Ford



‘Friending‘ Your Adult Child

Parents of young children are often told, “Your job is to be their parent, not their friend”. But what about when your child becomes an adult?



Let the games begin

If you were to take an informal survey of people at your work or school, or even on the street, and asked them what they thought about the Commonwealth Games, you’d probably get as many opinions as people. The answers would range all the way from assurances that it is way better than the Olympics, through to questions about its relevance in this day and age.



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