Vol. 137, No. 18 // 5 May 2018

May 4, 2018



Jesus Christ Superstar

After four decades, the Broadway musical still has something to say about Christ, writes David Goodwin. 



No library silence for Emilio Estevez

Director and actor Emilio Estevez revealed that he shares some core values with The Salvation Army when he launched his latest film, The Public, on the opening night of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in January this year.



Huntsman horror!

My husband is a very intelligent and capable man—but when it comes to spiders, it becomes another thing altogether and intelligence swiftly succumbs to emotion!



Paul Collins was a Catholic priest for many years, and today is a renowned theologian and religious commentator who has just written a book on the history of the papacy called Absolute Power, Julie Houghton writes.



Losing everything to gain it all

Ron was 59 years old, with a successful job, a company car, a home and an investment property—then God called him to leave it all.



The Song Keepers (PG) 



[ book ] Prisoner in Paradise by Sally Dudley

[ album ] I’ll Walk Beside You by Teddy Tahu Rhodes



Why not drink your garden?

It started with feelings of irritability and shakiness, but it took me months to realise it was the caffeine in my many daily cups of milky tea. Already a non-coffee drinker, I loved my ‘normal’ black tea and very reluctantly switched to packaged herbal teas.



Choices, sacrifice, purpose

In the recent Commonwealth Games, spectators and viewers were shocked by the confronting sight of Scottish marathon runner Callum Hawkins collapsing mid-race, requiring medical attention. Fortunately, Hawkins avoided the fate of the man whose fabled run inspired the creation of the marathon—a Greek soldier who died moments after delivering a message from the battlefield—and has been released from hospital.


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Vol. 139, No. 14 // 11 April 2020

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