Vol. 136, No. 43 // 4 November 2017

November 3, 2017



Melbourne Cup: Taking off the blinkers

Celebrating Australia’s love of sport has become big business for the gambling industry, writes David Goodwin.  



Debby Ryan’s road to redemption

When it comes to Disney stars, Debby Ryan has taken the road less travelled. Named as one of Rolling Stone’s 2017 ‘25 Under-25 Musicians, Actors and Activists Changing the World’, she has gone from being a child star to a 24-year-old producer, director, touring musician and an ambassador for women in abusive relationships. 



Virtually being

I am quite fond of video games, particularly retro numbers from my childhood. Before the birth of our children (and sometimes after, much to my wife’s annoyance), I often spent hours of downtime locked away with my video game collection. 



National Others Week (NOW) runs from November 5–11, and hopes to encourage every person across Australia, and around the world, to notice the needs of others and show kindness. We speak to the director of NOW, Peter Pilt, about the importance of kindness.



With God there is always hope

When Denise* needed to make a fresh start, the Salvos showed her the way 
to a new life.



Ingrid Goes West (MA15+)

Rating: 3.5 / 5



[ film ] The Midwife (PG)



Calm down

Whether they’re used to calm your anxiety or decorate the house, Calm Jars are all the rage at the moment—and by making them at home you can put your DIY skills to good use, writes Jessica Morris.



Home is where the heart is

Australian viewers love a family saga. Mature readers will remember the iconic wartime series The Sullivans, which ran for more than six successful years. In 2017 it’s A Place to Call Home on Foxtel’s Showcase channel that is claiming the prime position for audience attention in the family saga market.


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