Vol. 137, No. 30 // 28 July 2018

July 27, 2018



Part of the Family

Celebrating the International Day of Friendship, two families show that true connection transcends culture and age.



Landry Fields: Out of the wilderness

Playing basketball at the sport’s highest level, the NBA... Being selected as part of the NBA All-Rookie first team... A $20 million contract... It’s the stuff that dreams are made of, and the fantasy of every young player shooting hoops on courts from suburban parks to exclusive colleges. 



Can Facebook bring people together?

Friendship is a vital part of life, important to us from when we are very young. If you want to put a smile of delight on a kindergarten child’s face, the offer of having a little kinder friend over to your place for a play will do it every time. 



Psychotherapist Chris Walker’s award-winning program Chatterbox, run in partnership with Kingborough/Huon Salvos, gets girls talking—developing resilience, confidence and life skills.



Finding Trudi

“I was broken, I had no hope. I had no choice, I was paranoid. No joy…just a void.”



Mamma Mia! The musical (M)



[ book ] Heroes of Hamel by Stephen Dando-Collins

[ book ] The Secrets We Keep by Shirley Patton


Don’t sweat the small stuff

The benefits of regular exercise go far beyond simply losing weight and looking better. Being physically active can reduce your risk of heart disease and some cancers, strengthen your bones, help you sleep better, and improve your mental health.



A friendly competition

Sporting headlines of late haven’t really highlighted the way in which sport can bring people together. Whether it is all-in brawls at basketball matches or rifts between rugby players, it’s enough to make you wonder what happened to the idea of sport being something we do for fun.



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