Always ready to offer a helping hand

July 20, 2019

I was born into a ‘non-Christian’ family, in country WA. I was never encouraged to go to church, but I always looked forward to joining in with the Salvos when they gathered on our street corner every Sunday morning.

At 21, I left for Perth to pursue my hairdressing career, and finally married and had a son. I divorced when he was three years old, but all through his grow


ing years I taught him how to live by the Ten Commandments. He has two little girls and they go to a Christian School in Queensland. I always believed in God, and was always searching for the right church to attend.

I had a son when I was 19 and unmarried. In the 1960s, most babies were forced from you if you were unmarried, and put up for adoption, as was the case with me. It is a suffering that a relinquishing mother can hardly bear. I prayed to God and begged him so many times to send my lost child to me, and in my son’s 21st year, the law allowed relinquishing mothers to contact adoptive families. His adoptive father was a Baptist minister, who gave his blessing to share him with me, thanks to God, because so many adoptive parents say “No”. My son is now 50 years old and has a very strong bond with his younger brother. My prayers were answered.

I met a Christian man nine years ago, and started to go to his Church of Christ. After some time, the church arranged a mission trip to Cambodia. I was invited to go and use my experience and skills as a hairdresser to teach haircutting to the teachers at the remote orphanages.

It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience, and left me deeply moved. When I arrived home, I had a strong urge to help those in need in my own community, so I rang the Balga Salvation Army Corps (church). I started a hair salon there and cut hair on Mondays and Tuesdays, for seven wonderful years. I have sadly had to give it up recently because of arthritis in my right hand.

We are soon putting together a ‘Beauty Week’ at the corps, offering hairstyling, nails, make-up and personal grooming for those in need in our community and I’m looking forward to doing a day of hair cutting there.

I am a volunteer at the Salvos breakfast club for students at the local high school. I also do all the calligraphy on the presentation certificates for the Salvo corps officers. My partner and I make supper every Wednesday evening for The Salvation Army community band rehearsals, and because I am an authorised marriage celebrant, I conduct small weddings for those in financial hardship in my back garden.

God has touched my life in so many ways. He guided me to The Salvation Army, my Christian home. He has also blessed me with two wonderful sons and two beautiful little granddaughters, and blessed me with perfect health through my 70 years, allowing me to continue to help those in need, in whichever way I can.

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Vol. 139, No. 14 // 11 April 2020

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