No longer broken

March 2, 2019

Julia’s* professional and personal world fell apart and she reached rock bottom. However, with long-term support, she feels able to cope with life again.


When I first came to the Salvos, my marriage was broken; I was broken. I
was dealing with a difficult defamation issue that had damaged my professional
world. I had lost a very special friend. My husband could not find work and began
drinking heavily. My son had anger issues.


I was unable to work in my profession due to a court case and was struggling with depression and financial and family issues. I was lost and eventually found myself dependent on prescription medication. I was close to suicidal.


I was desperate, but it was extremely difficult to walk into the Salvos that first time to ask for help. Then I met my amazing Salvos case worker, Lyn, who journeyed with me for more than 18 months.


During that time, as I worked through my legal issues and began to find some part-time work, Lyn arranged help with bills on two occasions to help stop the relentless calls from debt agencies. She also arranged a replacement second-hand washing machine and dryer from a local Salvos store.


She attended court with me and acted as a referee; she prayed with me and regularly phoned to offer moral support.She also encouraged me to seek relationship and other counselling and we worked through The Salvation Army’s Positive Lifestyle Program (PLP).

The support, friendliness and help from everyone at the Salvos (especially Lyn) has been amazing. She has been an absolute angel. With her compassion,understanding and advice, along with her lovely nature, she is an absolute joy.


To go through tough times on many levels and to be able to walk in and be smiled at and helped by everyone (at the Salvos) has definitely had an impact on my healing. I have had some major issues while attending my PLP sessions and have come through them. It was hard at times, but definitely made easier with all the support I’ve received. That support has flowed on to my whole family.


My marriage is now back on track. My son is happy and working full-time, I am happy and confident; my husband is no longer drinking and we are working on our financial status as he is retraining and up-skilling. I believe my children have their mother back. My mum has her daughter back; my siblings, their sister, and my husband, his wife.

While I hadn’t let my obligations to my family go, I had been under severe stress and been operating as a shell of who I really am. It feels good to know that instead of them all worrying about me, they can now lean on me to help them.

I’m no longer dependent on medication for anxiety and insomnia and am now coping when new challenges arise. Lyn and I have prayed many times together. We’ve seen many answers to prayer and I have a much deeper faith in God.


I believe that without Lyn and the Salvos, I would not be here today.


*Name changed for privacy.




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Vol. 139, No. 13 // 4 April 2020

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