Time for a cuppa

February 8, 2019


If you want to learn how to be focused, watch a two-year-old. In my experience, if toddlers want to do something, they do it.

The little one I know recently gave an impressive display of this at her second birthday party. She unwrapped her first present to reveal a toy tea set. She didn’t hesitate: she knew exactly what should be done when a tea set is put in front of you. You make tea, of course. And you make it straight away.

So that’s what she did. She immedi­ately took out the little plastic tea cups and poured imaginary tea into them from the little plastic teapot. She then politely inquired, “Cupatea?” and handed out cups to the adults around her, watching to make sure they raised the cups to their lips before reclaiming them to make more tea.

She was not distracted by the nearby pile of presents waiting to be opened. She had something important to do. 

It’s easy to get sidetracked from the important things of life, including our relationship with God. 

If you need a bit of help to refocus, check out the Bible’s book of Proverbs. It has a wealth of good advice on how to live, including chapter 3, verse 6: “Think about God in all your ways and he will guide you on the right paths.” 


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