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December 16, 2018

New Life (PG)


Some movies are made to entertain, while others leave you changed. New Life is one of the latter, exploring how those times in our lives that seemed so ordinary are one day reflected upon as treasured memories.

Ava Kennedy and Ben Morton’s story is one of love that is destined to last a lifetime and beyond. From the moment the seven-year-old boy from England who ‘talks funny’ arrives, a connection begins that ties these two souls together.

In this deeply moving film about life and love, we see their relationship grow stronger with time, despite a few setbacks. As Ava (Erin Bethea) and Ben (Jonathon Patrick Moore) set out to find their place in the world, life draws them back to each other, as they learn that love is not always easy. Their new life together as husband and wife is full of possibilities and promise and, with Ben holding a comfortable job in his dad’s (James Marsters) architectural firm and Ava living her dream of being a teacher, life couldn’t be sweeter.

It is at this point that we become more invested and emotionally involved as the couple’s lives soar from the highest of heights to plummeting depths of personal challenge beyond their imaginings.

With a strong theme of time, we see that what seems to be ‘all the time in the world’ quickly becomes something that is more precious than the finest gold. When a movie can delve into your emotions and pull out a heart-wrenching sob, you know the writers, producers, cast and crew have done their job well in achieving strong emotional connections with the characters.

The movie has a beautiful sub-story of human kindness, of loved ones caring for each other in times of need, and being triumphant through adversity.

Bethea co-wrote and produced New Life with her company Argentum Entertainment, and director Drew Waters has done an outstanding job in presenting a film with the potential to change hearts. Book your seats—but don’t forget to take your tissues.

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