Hill Harper: Speaking of God

November 16, 2018


When Hill Harper took on the role of Gary, a hard-hitting New York editor in the movie An Interview With God, he didn’t have to dig deep to find a passion about communicating with the Almighty. 

“Folks have to understand that God is everywhere and God opens himself up to a conversation with you,” he told The Christian Post.

While his role on the film might be his most overt faith-based role yet, he believes that God can speak through anything—even a movie or TV show.

“I want to be involved in projects that uplift and inspire, but also entertain,” he said. “If you also introduce…positive messaging through the storytelling, that’s pretty awesome. The Bible is probably one of the best road maps for that because of all the lessons and how they’re told.”

He is using his role in the faith-based film to encourage people to talk to God, no matter who or where they are in life.

“If you take the time to pray, take the time to have a conversation with God, God will answer and you will find the answers,” he said. “Different people receive different answers in different ways.”

He believes that God can speak through anything—even a movie or TV show.

Harper speaks from personal experience. Prayer is an important part of the 52-year-old’s life, and recently led him to adopt a child. 

The single dad was waiting for marriage to have kids, but when the phone rang and he was told a mum was looking to give her young son, now named Pierce, a home, he couldn’t say no.

“I really felt like it was God telling me to [adopt],” he told People Magazine. ”I’m so glad that he chose me, and Pierce and God and the universe chose me.”

This conviction about God has carried Hill well through his life. Best known for his roles on The Good Doctor, Limitless and CSI:New York, he is also an Ivy League graduate and a New York Times best-selling author.

If that wasn’t enough to qualify him for his other role as a motivational speaker, his diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer in 2010 certainly is. The experience gave the actor a greater appreciation for life, and he said to Black Doctor.org, “We think we have all the time in the world, but a cancer diagnosis definitely makes you take stock of your own mortality.”

Today, Hill uses his experience to bolster his philanthropy efforts: he started a skin care line for African Americans, was on President Obama’s Cancer Panel, and began the Manifest Your Destiny Foundation that empowers disadvantaged teens to have an education.

His belief that “we’re all in this together” shows that, irrespective of our differences, God can help each of us as we help one another. That’s worth making front-page news, isn’t it? 


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