Salvos at Vatican forum

November 2, 2018

The Salvation Army was one of 14 faith-based organisations to take part in an international forum at the Vatican to consider how to improve the lives of millions children worldwide who, through a variety of reasons, are forced to live away from their homes.

The Faith Action for Children on the Move: Global Partners Forum was hosted last month by the Roman Catholic Church at the Jesuit Conference Centre.

Participants exchanged ideas and experiences related to violence, migration, displacement, and trafficking; informed their members and others of the facts and key issues and planned ways to increase awareness, strengthen partnerships, improve delivery and influence decision-making.

Majors Keith and Shona Pike, youth and children’s officers at The Salvation Army International Headquarters, and Commissioner Jane Paone (senior international social justice coordinator) repre­sented the organisation at the forum.

The Salvation Army has agreed to be part of an ongoing collaborative process with the participating organisations.

The website explains more about the issues behind the forum.

“No child should be forced to flee their home. No child on the move should be subjected to violence. Yet 28 million children are away from their homes today. They are vulnerable, unprotected, and invisible to so many of us,” the website states.

“People of faith who share common values of compassion, love and mercy can transform children’s lives when we work together, and end violence against children on the move. Joint efforts on a global scale are critical.”


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Vol. 139, No. 14 // 11 April 2020

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