Drumming up some fun

November 2, 2018

It’s the weekend and the kids are at a loose end, moaning about having nothing to do. A great way to change their tune is to get them playing music—and not just any music. With a bit of imagination and a touch of craftiness, you can transform your bored kids into musicians by upcycling bits and pieces around the house into instruments.

Tin can drums are always a winner with children (if not their parents). Baby formula and coffee tins are great, but any tin can be used as long as it doesn’t have sharp edges, of course.

The children can start by decorating their drums with paint and stickers. Once they’ve finished, cut the end off a balloon and stretch it over the top of the can. Provide a few spoons as drumsticks and the kids are ready to do their first drum roll.


Image: www.minieco.co.uk

To make these instruments even more versatile (and noisy) put some rice or dried pasta into the can before slipping on the balloon and you have a shaker as well. 

Add to your percussion theme with some home-made cymbals and use up some of those old CDs in your cupboard. Loop a strip of material through the CD’s centre hole. Tie it so that it makes a strap that will fit snugly around three or four fingers of your child’s hand. These shiny cymbals look cool and make a nice clacking sound.

Cardboard-box guitars are always a winner and easy to make. A shoebox without a lid is a good choice, as is a tissue box with a hole in the centre. All you need to do then is stretch some large elastic bands around the box. Make sure you have different width elastic bands to ensure the ‘guitar strings’ will produce different tones.

Then it’s time to sit back and face the music while your maestros try out their instruments. 


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