A question of timing

October 26, 2018


Recently I learned an almost embarrassing lesson about being prepared for the unexpected.  

I had arranged for some internal blinds to be installed on this particular Saturday morning. About 40 minutes before the tradesman was due to arrive, I told my 10-year-old son I was going to have a shower and headed to the en suite. 

As I finished my shower I heard some unusual noises. I poked my head through the bathroom door to see a man with tools installing blinds next to my front door, in my direct line of vision. The only problem with this scenario was that my clothes were lying on my bed, five metres away. To get to them would mean a mad dash in my underwear past the open bedroom door, in full view of the workman.

I immediately shut the en suite door and started calling for my son, figuring that he could either bring me my clothes, or at the very least shut my bedroom door. After no response from the cherub, I resigned myself to the fact that he was immersed in Saturday morning television and would barely notice me speaking to him if I were standing next to him, let alone when I called out from two rooms away behind a closed door.

Next plan—open the door and observe the worker in the bathroom mirror to see if I could find a moment to retrieve my clothes. 

Before you condemn me, remember I had not yet had my morning coffee, so it took a moment for me to realise that if I could see the workman in the mirror then he would be able to see me too. Fortunately he didn’t glance my way in the time it took me to work this out, but I was still left clothes-less and captive.

Eventually, he climbed out of sight onto his step ladder, giving me an opportunity to escape.

Like a madwoman on a mission I raced to the bed, grabbed my clothes, bolted back and restored some of my dignity before walking out to speak to my ‘blind man’. He explained that he had finished his previous jobs 25 minutes earlier than scheduled and my son had let him in. 

Of course, in hindsight it would have been a simple move to take my clothes into the bathroom with me, but I didn’t believe I needed to be that prepared.

It is so easy to get caught out in life. We often think we have more time available to us to do things or sort stuff out.

The only problem with that scenario is that none of us know how much time we actually have. So, if my potentially embarrassing moment can teach us anything it’s this—don’t put off things in the expectation that you have plenty of time. Fix that relationship, mend those fences, express the unexpressed. Don’t put off until tomorrow all the things you need to say to God—do it today as he’s available 24/7.

And ALWAYS take clothes into the bathroom with you! 


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