[ book ] Prize Fighter

October 19, 2018

Prize Fighter
Future D. Fidel
Rating: 3 / 5


This debut novel vividly recounts the misadventures of a Congolese Australian traumatised by war.

A child soldier turned asylum seeker turned boxer, the troubled character of Isa Alaki (‘Isa’ is ‘Jesus’ in Arabic) narrates his losses and life’s journey. His tale is powerfully informed by the author’s own survival of civil war and genocide in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DCR). 

The juxtaposition of a war-torn African homeland and a suspicious, semi-welcoming Australia is linked inexorably to the narrator’s spiritual and mental struggle. The novel could not be more timely. That said, this tale, which was originally written as a play (performed by the La Boite theatre company in Brisbane), may resonate better cinematically than through the written word. 



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Vol. 139, No. 14 // 11 April 2020

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