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October 12, 2018



Food has always been a priority in Salvo circles, and feeding people is a central part of the Salvo ethos.

Food is an essential for the business of living, but too often in our comfortable Australian lives many of us eat more than we need and indulge in fast food that simply isn’t good for our health.

So how can we make changes that will benefit our own health and the world around us?

Nutrition expert Vicky Gomez is on a mission to help us achieve this with her catchphrase, ‘nourish and create health!’

“We have a plethora of food and are often exposed to foods that are not so good for our health, so the key is to choose and learn to link taste, health and pleasure,” Vicky says.

Building your plate with plant foods and lean proteins is the way to go, perhaps following the Mediterranean diet of fruit, vegetables, legumes, fish and lean protein, which gives us vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Vicky says colour is an important part of our daily food intake.

“Every fruit and vegetable has a purpose, such as orange for beta carotene for eyes, purple for the antioxidants like blueberries,” she explains.

We should choose foods with a purpose; foods that prevent hunger, control our blood sugar and prevent impulse eating, and make sure we include foods that are rich in fibre. While the lower the fat in our diet the better, we need small amounts of good fats to make our food tasty, such as olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds. Tantalise your taste buds by creating flavour using herbs, spices and healthy chutneys, mustards and sauces.

But does this mean you can never have that rich, gooey chocolate cake?

Vicky says you can enjoy a little of what you fancy and still be a healthy eater.

Instead be a taster of indulgent food—savour and enjoy it, and instead of eating the whole cake, remember it will still be there tomorrow! 

Vicky Gomez is a Melbourne dietician (healthyempiregoods.com.au).


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