[ book ] At home with Muhammad Ali

October 12, 2018

At home with Muhammad Ali

Hana Ali

The (self-declared) “Greatest” pugilist, Muhammad Ali, died in June 2016, having lived a remarkable life and helped many, many people through his activism and philanthropy. 

Hana Yasmeen Ali, one of Ali’s nine kids to various mothers, dedicates this love story to her father, whom she describes as “ineffable”—too great, too extreme to be captured by words. 

There are many fascinating insights into the fighter’s career, his family, faith and numerous retirements, gleaned from interviews and the audio recordings and letters “the Champ” made and wrote throughout his life. 

Subtitled ‘A memoir of love, loss and forgiveness’, this book is painful to read at times; the author’s loss looms large as she tries to bear the weight of her parents’ fallibilities.  

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Vol. 139, No. 14 // 11 April 2020

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