[ book ] The Desert Nurse

October 5, 2018

The Desert Nurse
Pamela Hart

Rating: 4 / 5

Set on First World War battlefields, The Desert Nurse follows the journey of Evelyn, daughter of a martinet country doctor father, who fiercely opposes his daughter’s wish to be a doctor. 

Deciding initially to become a nurse, Evelyn escapes the confines of her father’s expectations, trains in Sydney and heads overseas to dedicate herself to saving lives on the battlefield. 

Vowing never to marry so that after the war she can enrol in medicine, inevitably she falls in love with a doctor, but refuses to let go of her dream. And by the book’s end, it looks possible that Evelyn may be able to have everything she desires.
Pamela Hart is such a skilled writer that we are totally immersed in the Evelyn’s life. 

Occasionally the prose strays into purple passion territory, but overall this is a gripping page-turner.  

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