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September 28, 2018


Queen of eco styling, Faye De Lanty leads the way at Salvos Stores. 


Salvos Stores ambassador Faye De Lanty is at the forefront of high-fashion recycling and believes that you never have to sacrifice glamour when you are shopping on a budget.

The bubbly fashion expert first hit our television screens as a 15-year-old presenter on the long-running national children’s program Totally Wild and became a popular host of lifestyle programs, later launching her online video blog

In National Op Shop Week, Faye is on a crusade to help not only our budgets but also the work of the Salvos, and our planet.

And there is a trick to being a savvy op shopper who can look a million dollars without spending up big.

Faye has five top tips to make the most of your Salvos Stores shopathon:

• Choose clothes you are naturally attracted to—don’t just follow trends.

• Re-create celebrity looks by taking pictures with you to op shops.

• Get into a thrift cycle—find out when your local store gets new donations.

• Don’t be afraid to try DIY styling (doing it yourself!).

• Pick key pieces like jeans or blazers.

I love being a ‘style shape shifter’, changing people’s perception of pre-loved clothing.

When Faye started her role as a Salvos Stores ambassador five years ago, she was breaking new ground as an eco stylist so she created her own role and says the ripple effect has been remarkable.

“Individual impact is powerful—just start from where you are and watch how things grow! I never expected that this role as ambassador would turn into what it has but I’m so unbelievably grateful,” she tells Warcry.

So how does Faye De Lanty, fashion hound and Salvos Stores ambassador, advise people to start building a killer recycled wardrobe?

“Start really simply with timeless and classic pieces like a great trench coat, a vintage blazer or a pretty blouse. Next add accessories like bling, brooches, scarves and statement shoes—that’s the best way to elevate an outfit in an instant, no matter your age, shape or size,” Faye says.

Faye also says to throw the size book out of the window, and just try things on because, with reworking, the clothes you are trying on might look fantastic.

“We are definitely getting better at eco fashion in 2018, and I think for both the Salvos and me, having the support of the Today Show proves how the mindset is expanding. It’s a big thing for mainstream media to consistently cover eco fashion segments,” Faye explains.

Faye says she adores her job and finds it so fulfilling to do what she loves and to be of service.

“I love being a ‘style shape shifter’, changing people’s perception of pre-loved clothing and I think it’s a great metaphor for life, to believe in the underdog. It’s a great honour and pleasure to work for Salvos Stores.” 


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