Getting behind our farmers

September 25, 2018

As the Salvos work to provide assistance to farmers affected by the drought, there has been an overwhelming response from the public.

Andrew Hill, community fundraising director, has seen first-hand the work people across the organisation are doing in response to the drought, whether on the front line, in call centres or in the back office.

“This past month I have personally witnessed the way in which everyone involved in our response efforts has worked together to help our farmers,” he said. “To date [as of 26 August 2018] the public has donated around $895,000 to The Salvation Army’s drought response, and the best news is that we are getting assistance to farmers quickly.”

Below are a few staggering statistics about assistance provided.

• In just one week The Salvation Army provided $340,547 of assistance to 295 drought-affected families.

• In the month of August $767,810 was provided to 429 families.

• As at the end of August, $904,242 had been distributed to 547 families since the response began. 

• $707,722 (92%) of this was financial assistance via EFT payments. 

• $48,265 (6%) was in food (either in kind or EFT payments, or Woolworths wish cards). 

The Salvos have an army of compassionate officers, employees and volunteers who are working alongside people during a time of crisis and offering financial, emotional and spiritual support. 

Last month in Dubbo, over 30 officers and employees met to review the Salvos’ drought response and find ways to serve this community even more effectively.

The Salvation Army thanks the Australian public for the role you are playing to assist our response as we seek to give hope where it’s needed most. 


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