Life changes, love doesn’t

September 14, 2018


Caring for someone with dementia isn’t easy, but the Salvos have given Vera the support she needs.


Bevan was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago, and for a long time I was in denial, trying to cover it up. About two years ago, it started to get quite difficult to look after him, and I had a respite nurse come for four hours a day. He was shocked that I was not able to look after him by myself after so long. 

Bevan is such a giver; he has been my constant companion, always looking out for me. I feel it is my duty, but also a great joy, to now be the one to look after him and I’m so thankful to The Salvation Army Cairns Aged Care Plus Centre at Chapel Hill, Brisbane for providing a loving home for him.

Although life-changing, transitioning into full-time care has been made easier thanks to the Making Moments Matter Butterfly Program model. The Centre has embraced the essence of the model; it really is Christianity with its sleeves rolled up. When I first came to see the Centre, and saw the kindness staff showed the residents, it made a very difficult decision a little easier. 

I have peace knowing Bevan is being cared for and loved at the Cairns Centre. After 47 years of marriage, he is and has been my whole life, and although we have gone through a really dramatic change, we are both adjusting to our new lives. 

The dementia care model practised at Cairns Aged Care Plus Centre has been a blessing. It is wonderful to know that through the Making Moments Matter Butterfly Program model, Bevan still has freedoms, can listen to the music he likes and can be both involved and independent. His room has photos of our family all along the walls, and he has his favourite prayers and Bible verses hanging up. 

I was even able to bring his favourite chair from home to the centre. In a way, the centre has become a new home for not only Bevan, but also for me. After all this time, I wouldn’t change a thing, I definitely would make the same decision again. 

I can see in Bevan’s eyes just how at ease he is here. It really feels like a home, and I know it is due to the change in the care model. The focus is so loving and family-oriented, which is a strong value of our families. It has been an easy move for Bevan and has allowed me to properly care for and love my husband. 


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Vol. 139, No. 13 // 4 April 2020

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