Aled Jones and son on tour

August 31, 2018


Welsh singer and television presenter Aled Jones is well known for his enthusiastic approach to the business of living.

Famous as the presenter of Songs of Praise and Escape to the Country, Aled is always full of the joy of life.

But he sees his greatest achievement as fatherhood and with wife Claire is a proud parent of 16-year-old Emilia and 12-year-old Lucas.

“Fatherhood is the best thing I ever did,” Aled tells Warcry.

“To do it properly is exhausting at times but seeing my children grow into caring, responsible, independent young adults is so rewarding,” he reflects.

Later this month, Aled will be on a concert tour of Australia, and this time he is bringing Lucas with him, combining the concerts with a promotional tour of his new album Believe, in which Lucas joins him in a moving rendition of ‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’.

“On a personal level, this album will forever be extra special to me, as I share one song with my son Lucas, and that duet melts my heart!” says the proud father.

Aled Jones fans will recall the mop-headed young choirboy with a beautiful treble voice back in the early 1980s, whose string of albums made him a household name across the world.

Fast forward more than 35 years and young Aled is now middle-aged Aled, with a lovely baritone voice that has graced several albums.

This album will forever be extra special to me, as I share one song with my son Lucas.

On his most recent albums, Aled discovered some unreleased recordings from his child singer days, and with the help of recording technology has delighted fans by recording duets with himself.

These Aled and Aled duets are a feature of Believe. Also, along with the lovely father and son duet with Lucas, Aled has written the title track, about the importance of belief in our lives.

Aled says he is at his happiest when singing religious music.

“I feel closer to God through music. When I sing religious music, I feel an energy surge through my body,” he told Warcry.

Aled is also a big fan of our wide brown land.

“What is there not to like about Australia? I would live here if I could. An ideal scenario would be six months in the UK and six months in Australia. More than anything I would love to do a cathedral and large church tour in Australia,” he reflected on his Australian tour last year.

It seems that part of that dream is being realised on his current tour, where he will sing in churches and cathedrals across New South Wales, Queensland, the ACT, Tasmania and Victoria.

While he may jet across the globe to make a living, it seems that for Aled Jones, home is where the hearth is.

“We are really close as a family and there’s a lot of laughter in our home. That’s the thing I love most about being a dad—the utter joy children bring to your life. And they keep you young!” 


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