Opportunity knocks

August 4, 2018


Meet Dr Knock. He’s a former thug-turned-doctor who arrives in a picturesque French village in the 1950s, to take over a medical practice from the resident doctor and his wife who want a more exciting life than that offered by this quiet village of healthy people.

For a conman like Dr Knock (Omar Sy) the village represents a golden opportunity for giving a little knowledge to the patients so they realise they aren’t as well as they thought and need his medical intervention. He teams up with the local pharmacist and the two of them are set to make their fortunes.

But our Dr Knock is much more than the doctor on the take that he first appears. His instant charisma wins over the village, with the exception of the mean-spirited and jealous priest, Father Lupus (Alex Lutz), who sets out to discover Dr Knock’s seedy past.

This past is no secret to the audience, as we are privy to Dr Knock’s previously more than dubious activities. However, such is the village’s faith in his skills that Dr Knock starts to redeem his character, finds someone he genuinely cares about, and that’s when we start to see the decent man under the shady character. 

Falling in love with Adele (Ana Giradot), a lovely girl from a poverty-stricken background, allows Dr Knock to reveal his own desperately poor background and we see what he had to do just to survive. 

By the film’s end, the village’s faith in Dr Knock enables him to become a thoroughly decent man, and it’s most satisfying to see this personal redemption.
Dr Knock’s journey reflects the one that Paul wrote about in the Bible, that many of us have experienced.

“God made us free from the power of darkness, and he brought us into the kingdom of his son, Jesus. His son paid for our sins, and in him we have forgiveness.” (Colossians chapter 1, verses 13–15).

For Dr Knock and for us, that is one of God’s wonderful gifts.

Charismatic performance from Omar Sy; lovely mountain scenery


–  Adult themes


Tags: Salvation Army Australia

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