[ book ] Crew

June 29, 2018

Mike Colman

Rating: 4 / 5

Behind every serviceman who served our country in World War II was a story, and in Crew Mike Colman has pieced together the stories of the seven-man crew— five Aussies and two Scots—who flew an RAAF Lancaster known as J for Jig.

Beginning with each man’s journey to enlist and the training that each role in the crew required, we learn briefly of their trips over Germany, followed by the details of the night when their bomber was hit and crashed in France. Not all made it out alive. The survivors separated on impact, so we see very different stories of the quest for survival and freedom.

It’s not so much a military book, but rather a captivating story of young men caught up in the cruelty and the randomness of war, where moments were all that stood between life and death.

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Vol. 139, No. 7 // 22 February 2020

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