Andrew Tierney: Divine calling goes beyond human nature

June 15, 2018


International success in the pop music world and being a proud Christian is not always an easy mix, but Andrew Tierney, founding member of the global sensation boy band Human Nature, is at the top of his game as a singer and a man of strong faith.

For Andrew, the roots of faith were there for him from the beginning.

“I grew up in a Christian family and went to a Catholic church regularly as a kid. When I met my wife Heather, I often went to her Presbyterian church and we were married in her family church,” Andrew tells Warcry.

Andrew credits his faith with turning his life around, and says it influences everything he does.

Although Andrew admits to not being happy with every life choice he has followed, God has been there to pick him up and has guided every good thing in his life.

“I actually feel humbled to be a man of faith in a scene that often flies in the face of Christian values—it’s an honour to try and be true to my heart and values and be a witness in the music world,” Andrew says.

Andrew founded the male vocal group Human Nature when he was still at school, and the group is still going strong.

“Human Nature is still the major career focus for me. We have been together for almost 25 years, and are all currently living and working in Las Vegas, recording, playing live and ‘living the dream’!”

But it is a new musical project Andrew is working on that is claiming his attention and briefly bringing him back to Australia.

Andrew has teamed with Canadian pastor Tim Dunfield, who was the worship pastor at Andrew’s church in Las Vegas, to create the musical duo Finding Faith.

“Finding Faith is my great friend Tim Dunfield and me—we started writing songs together that we wanted to sing at our church. When we moved to Las Vegas, Heather and I started attending South Hills Community Church, which was very different from any church I’d ever been to in Australia. The music and the teaching really spoke to me,” Andrew recalls.

This led him to volunteer for the church music team, where he made an important personal discovery.

“For a few years I had found it hard to know what I wanted to write about any more and then suddenly writing about my faith became effortless for me so I felt God guiding me towards that,” he reflects.

Finding Faith’s self-titled debut album was released at the beginning of June, and Andrew and Tim have recently enjoyed a promotional tour of Australia.

One of the songs on the album, ‘Precious Life’, is very special to Andrew, as it was written for his baby daughter Violette.

“I really wanted to do something meaningful for my baby girl’s dedication [christening] so I mentioned to Heather that I wanted to write a song as my prayer over her. ‘How can you be so beautiful?’ is a thought that came to me literally every moment I would bend down to lift her out of her crib so I just let it flow from there. I brought the idea to Tim and we finished it together—I often sing it to her now when I’m putting her to bed,” Andrew says with a smile.

Andrew hopes that God might speak to people through the songs that Finding Faith is creating.

When asked if there was anything else he would like to tell Warcry readers, Andrew’s response is succinct and heartfelt.

“God is amazing—you know that though, I’m sure!” 


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