[ book ] The Secrets at Ocean’s Edge

June 15, 2018

The Secrets at Ocean’s Edge
Kali Napier
Rating: 3 / 5

Kali Napier’s novel The Secrets at Ocean’s Edge presents a picture of life in Western Australia during the Depression. At the heart of the book are the secrets which each member of the central Hass family has and the consequences when these come into the open.

Napier uses lots of local detail as it is based on her own family. We read of emu culls, the awful treatment of the First Nations people—who are by far the most attractive characters in the text—and the trauma suffered by returned soldiers from World War I, as well as the petty snobberies and discords in a small community. There is much conflict in the book and the reader is confronted with one crisis after another. 

However, there is some vivid writing and it’s an interesting read overall. 

Tags: Salvation Army Australia

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