[ book ] Harry: Life, Loss, and Love

May 25, 2018


Harry: Life, Loss, and Love
Katie Nicholl

Rating: 4 / 5

None of us has a say in the family into which we are born. Be it poverty or privilege, we arrive in the world into the circumstances of our family. Katie Nicholl’s biography shows that Harry has spent much of his life wishing he hadn’t been born a royal.

This well-written and comprehensive story of the younger son of Charles and Diana also highlights how losing his mother as a 12-year-old had a profound effect, and shaped his young adult life, both positively and negatively. 

As a republican, I can’t understand the insatiable interest and desire for news and details (gossip) surrounding the Royal family, and Harry’s story highlights just how miserable life can be made by the photographers and journalists who work 24/7 to mine grist for the Royal rumour mill. But I’m sure monarchists will enjoy this account of Harry’s journey from child to (almost) married man.


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