Queen of Hearts: Aussie Edition

May 18, 2018


Working out where to even start when describing the career of Jennifer Hawkins is a challenging proposition. Her resumé is studded with glittering highlights, any one of which would be enough to make anyone feel like they had succeeded in life.


Hawkins was crowned Miss Universe and Miss Universe Australia in 2004, and immediately captured the attention of the Australian public with the way she remained the same relatable and friendly Aussie girl despite the glitz and glamour surrounding her.


But that was only the beginning, and she has gone from strength to strength, demonstrating that she has more than one string to her bow. After her year-long reign as Miss Universe Australia, during which she represented the organisation around the world, she went from being a guest presenter to a full-time part of Seven’s The Great Outdoors— and was nominated for a Logie as Best New Talent.


She’s also become a sought-after brand ambassador representing some of Australia’s most exclusive products, developed her own fashion lines, hosted television shows including the ratings giant Australia’s Next Top Model, and used her platform to raise awareness of social issues such as promoting positive approaches to body image.


Hawkins has been a strong supporter of The Salvation Army, using her success to make a difference in the lives of others.


Last year she donated clothes to a ‘Spring Clean’ campaign to raise money. Then, at Christmas, she helped design and promote a limited edition ‘Hope’ tote bag. The sale of 10,000 of these raised money for the Salvos’ Christmas Appeal.


As a Salvo ambassador she has continued to support the work of The Salvation Army, helping us help those who need it most. This year, she is donating over 300 luxury items for a charity auction, with the money going to the Red Shield Appeal.


It’s fitting that she represented Australia as Miss Universe, because she has shown that she shares some of our country’s most important values. During the Red Shield Appeal weekend, many Australians will once again show their generous natures and desire to help those who are less fortunate than themselves as they give up their time to collect for the Red Shield Appeal.


Not everyone can donate designer handbags or clothing, or create a charity fashion line, but that’s not what matters. As Jennifer Hawkins has shown, the Aussie way is to give what we are able to, and do our part in making a difference.


The Salvation Army continues to transform lives and build healthy communities because we believe everyone deserves a fair go. Like so many Australians, Jennifer Hawkins has shown she shares that belief, and it’s her willingness to stand alongside us that enables the Salvos to continue to reach out to those most in need.


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