Have we gone too far in our brave new world?

May 18, 2018


Screen Schooled—Two Veteran Teachers Expose How Technology Overuse is Making Our Kids Dumber
Joe Clement and Matt Miles

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The digital revolution was expected to produce a generation of computer-savvy, creative and inspired students.


In Screen Schooled, experienced teachers Joe Clement and Matt Miles explain why this is not the case. Far from being the hoped-for ‘quick fix’ that would revolutionise students’ engagement in the learning process, they highlight the fact that the overuse of technology has contributed to the rise of zoned-out, poorly motivated students who lack the discipline needed to make the most of their education.

It’s easy to see the attraction of technology. Kids walk, talk, eat, move and breathe computers and mobile devices—surely educational software companies should be able to harness young people’s love of I.T. to help students learn in a more immediate, meaningful way! Isn’t there something more effective—and easier for teachers—than the traditional chalk-and-talk plus textbooks methods?

Clement and Miles are not digital naysayers. But years of teaching have shown them that, while digital technology has a place in classrooms, it is not a panacea. Teachers must continue to do what they are paid to do—plan lessons that address the needs of their students and actually teach students the skills needed for success. As such, technology should be part of a teaching toolbox, not an end in itself.

Even less is digital technology a cure-all for students. They, too, must do what successful students have always done: strive to do their best. Real learning is never easy—digital technology can inspire and facilitate, but it cannot relieve students from the intellectual rigour necessary to attain mastery of a subject.

Screen Schooled is a call to arms. Citing numerous incidents from their own
experience as well as detailed case studies, Clement and Miles provide clear
evidence of the detrimental effects of the overuse of technology on children’s lives
and brains, as well as their education. They encourage both parents and educators to be wary of technology’s claims and warn that an over-reliance on technology can jeopardise students’ learning and futures. Surely it is time to take a more critical approach to the education of all our children.



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