[ book ] Making Peace

May 18, 2018

Making Peace
Fiona McCallum
Rating: 4.5 / 5


Making Peace revisits Hannah, a young, compassionate woman who survived great tragedy in McCallum’s previous book, Finding Hannah.

It has been a year since Hannah lost both her beloved husband and her parents in a car crash and, while life has moved on, she still has paralysing moments of grief. Her strong and supportive circle of friends are now experiencing their own crises, and it’s Hannah’s turn to support them—as well as making a major change to her own life. 


This marks Hannah’s commitment to living her life, rather than just existing. McCallum has a keen eye for fine detail and writes about raw emotion better than any other contemporary writer I know.


It’s a gripping story that’s given much more depth by the way McCallum writes about the range of intense emotions that characterise grief.


Tags: Salvation Army Australia

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