[ book ] Mothers’ Day

May 11, 2018

Mothers’ Day
Fiona McArthur

Rating: 4 / 5

Fiona McArthur’s new book again combines her expert know­ledge as a midwife with a cracking good yarn.

A country maternity unit is threatened with closure unless it can attract an obstetrician—an interesting point as this is a real-life problem for small communities in rural Australia.

Midwife and single mum Noni, who loves her job in the maternity unit, lives with her much-loved and free-spirited Aunt Win, in a very happy arrangement.

Medico Iain is stunned to discover he has a pregnant 17-year-old daughter Jacinta, of whose existence he was totally unaware until he discovers Jacinta trying to fend for herself.

Iain takes Jacinta away from the city to finish her pregnancy in a small country town. Mothers’ Day describes her journey, with some romantic twists and turns in a hard to put down story with a happy ending. 


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