Travel: The ultimate travel playlist

February 23, 2018

Looking for the soundtrack to your next holiday? We’ve got you covered. 


Every defining moment of my life has had a soundtrack. For you, it may have been the latest song to hit radio during a memorable vacation, or the song you first danced to with your spouse.

Travelling is no different, and I find the music I listen to on aeroplanes, on long walks and in terminals makes my vacation come alive. Years later, I can listen to the opening hook of a song I had on repeat in San Diego, and will tell you exactly how I felt in that moment.

Whether you consider yourself a music devotee or not, creating your own travel playlist is a great way to enhance your overall holiday experience. Here are some of my favourite travel tracks. Add yours to the mix, and create the soundtrack to your life (or the next holiday, anyway).


1. ‘Here Comes the Sun’ by The Beatles
You can’t mess with the classics! This tune by the Beatles will instantly transport you to a tropical destination, complete with palm trees, sea, sand and the promise of new adventures.


2. ‘Westcoast’ by Skipping Girl Vinegar

Aussie folk band Skipping Girl Vinegar recorded their latest album using authentic sounds from the Victorian peninsula, and in this ode about travelling from one coast to the other, they communicate the simplistic beauty of Australia.

3. ‘Wings’ by Delta Goodrem

Every road trip needs a pop-tastic tune that will put a spring in your step and the wind in your hair. This motivational tune by Aussie favourite Delta will automatically put you in a good mood during your travels.


4. ‘The Wanderer’ by Johnny Cash and U2
Potentially the most obscure musical pairing you’ve ever heard from some of rock’s most iconic names, this post-apocalyptic tune explores how our spiritual journey can be isolating, thought-provoking and life-changing. Much like travel, really.


5. ‘Heartbreak Dreamer’ by Mat Kearney

Many of us travel in search of a greater meaning, a new identity or a purpose in life. This track celebrates the journey we take as misfits who come to a place of self-acceptance. Keep your ears open for spoken-word poet Anis Moghani’s ‘Shake The Dust’ at the end. 


6. ‘Anything’ by Sufjan Stevens

He may have penned tracks specifically about US states, cities and monuments, but any of Sufjan Steven’s discography will complement your travels. Melancholic, interesting, quirky and downright profound, chances are Sufjan has the song for you.


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