[ book ] MINEFIELDS: A life in the news game

February 23, 2018

MINEFIELDS: A life in the news game
Hugh Riminton
Rating: 5 / 5 

Journalist Hugh Riminton has reported from the front-line of world events for nearly 40 years. Minefields, his up-close-and-personal account of life as a foreign correspondent, allows us to see what he saw; to bear witness to the unfolding of history from ground zero up.

From suburban New Zealand, Riminton became ‘the man on the spot’ for Channel 9 and CNN, reporting on famines, genocides, wars, disasters, the Port Arthur massacre and the Sudanese slave trade. Serious issues, but this very accessible book is underpinned with adventure, humour and jaw-dropping relief when he and other reporters escape unscathed from perilous situations. 

Riminton has seen humanity at its best and worst. Through it all, it’s the bravery shown by everyday people faced with injustice and tragedy that inspires him to continue to bring their stories to the world.


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