A vision for all of us

January 24, 2018

Our new vision statement reflects our core values



The consolidation of Australia Eastern Territory and Australia Southern Territory is not merely an exercise in taking existing components from each; it is providing an opportunity for the creation of much that is new.

As The Salvation Army Australia, a new vision statement has been coined. But rather than being a change in direction, this vision is built on the same values we have lived for 137 years, with more than 2,500 Salvos giving input to articulate this God-given national vision.

It’s hard to encapsulate such a range of expressions and methods into one sentence, but as we unpack each line they point to the foundation at the heart of all our work.

Wherever there is hardship or injustice 
Since William and Catherine Booth and the very foundation of The Salvation Army in England in 1865, we have known who our people are. Where others saw only the faceless poor of London’s slums, the Booths saw people created in the image of God. They believed that everyone deserved the same human dignity and the same justice, and made that their mission.

When we seek out those facing hardship or injustice, we know that it is that same belief we are fighting for. Without justice for all, there is justice for none.

Everyone who joins us on this journey is a Salvo. Some of us wear a uniform, some have an official rank, some volunteer once a week at the local Salvos Stores, and some might not have particular ‘job to do’ but just know they belong here with us—as one of us.

We are people who are passionate about seeing lives transformed, justice flourish, and evidence of the love of Jesus spreading across Australia.

Live, love and fight
We are an engaged people; a people of purpose. We love our neighbour and put their needs before our own. We are an Army founded in community and we work tirelessly to make a difference.

The place of The Salvation Army is with people, living alongside them as a meaningful part of their lives and having a positive impact as we tackle ongoing issues in society.

Alongside others
The Salvation Army does not stand alone. We share life with people and work with them to bring about change.

We partner with other agencies, organisations and people who share our mission and values, believing we are all made stronger by working together.

Transforming Australia one life at a time
As Salvos, we believe in real, meaningful, sustainable change. 
We believe in transformation.

It is in the hearts and lives of individuals that this change will establish its roots, and it is in healthy communities combining with faith pathways that will see this change flourish and grow.

With the love of Jesus
Jesus is at the centre of everything we do. We are an army of salvation, and we know that people's lives are transformed when they encounter Jesus.
The Great Commission we received from Christ is the cornerstone of our fight. He told us go out and make disciples, and reconcile the world to God. 

One Army, One Vision
It’s this vision that embodies what we believe God is calling The Salvation Army to be, and what each one of us is striving to live towards.
It’s a vision for all of us, a vision for every Salvo and for all those standing alongside us as we seek to make Australia a better place for everyone.


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