[ book ] Cold War Games

January 12, 2018

Cold War Games 
Harry Blutstein
Rating: 4 / 5 

If you’re interested in sport, world politics, or if you just love a thriller—this book will grab your attention and keep it.

The 1956 Olympic Games might have been called the friendly Games, but I was amazed at revelations in the book from ASIO files and newly discovered documents from archives in the USSR, US and Hungary. They show how violently sport and politics collided in Melbourne at the ‘G’. Who would have thought!

Daniel Magay, an athlete who sought asylum in the US after the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, said that Cold War Games is the most comprehensive book on sport politics he has read, with insight into the way Olympic athletes became pawns in the battle between the USSR and the US during the Cold War. He said it captures the mood and drama of traumatic days. Cold War Games is a great read.


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