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January 5, 2018

We all need some inspiration before we go on an adventure, and reading a great travel blog is a good place to start, writes Jessica Morris.



Everyone loves to share their travel stories with the family. Once that meant forcing friends to sit down on the couch while you methodically went through every slide from your trip, informing them of what you ate, where you went, and who said what. 

Thankfully, today we have a much more savvy way of sharing our travel stories—through travel blogging. 

These days, it seems like everyone and their dog has their own website dedicated to their adventures. The best ones get millions of hits from around the world, and can draw in big bucks and sponsors for their intrepid authors. 

If you’re like me and have a severe case of wanderlust, or if you’re planning an upcoming trip, travel blogs are a great method to learn more about a destination. Visit these blogs next time you have the urge to go on a globetrotting adventure.


Nomadic Matt (

One million people visit New York Times best-selling author Nomadic Matt’s website every month, and with good reason. He and his group of guest columnists live out the adventures you long for. He has travelled to 80 countries since 2003. Plus, he lives on shoestring budget of $50 a day, takes public transport, scopes out the best accommodation and finds the best destinations so you don’t have to. 


Fresh Off The Grid (

Cooking isn’t always easy when you travel, but Fresh Off The Grid makes it a lot more fun. This website provides you with a range of recipes to try, whether you’re hiking, backpacking or camping. And the food isn’t boring either—staples like sandwiches and stir-fry are included, but so are tacos and vegan options like fruit leathers. File this one away for when you’re on the road.


2 Aussie Travellers (

Whether you’re travelling across the country or going abroad, this blog gives you a detailed summary of some of the world’s best destinations. Written personably, but with the knowledge of someone who’s ‘been there done that’, it includes photos, as well as travel tips, notes for foodies, and suggestions for your accommodation.

World Of Wanderlust (

Just 24 years old, Aussie Brooke Saward travels around the world and makes a living out of it. It sounds like a dream come true, and so is her website. Filled with the usual travel tips and destination recommendations, what sets it apart is her attention to art and culture. Look out for her blogs about inspiring movies, how to capture great photos, décor, food and how to live with style and beauty.


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