[ book ] Two Weeks ‘til Christmas

January 5, 2018

Two Weeks ‘til Christmas

Laura Greaves 

Rating:  4 / 5

This book isn’t about Christmas at all, but it’s a great summer holiday read. If you like your romantic heroes chiselled and hunky, this is the book for you. Laura Greaves has written a frothy, delightful romance about a smart city vet, Claire Thorne, who is brilliant with animals but fairly hopeless at her own love life and definitely low on personal insight.

She returns to the country town of her childhood to supposedly help an old boyfriend prepare for a wedding which has resulted from a whirlwind romance with an American girl who is new in town. This book could easily be titled ‘the path of true love never did run smooth’, and Greaves does bring in some nice twists and turns before we get to the ending that we hope will happen. 

This feel-good piece of ‘chick lit’ is ideal for your beach reading. Great fun! 


Tags: Salvation Army Australia

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