Upcycle: Roll up for Christmas

December 15, 2017

Do you want to make Christmas decorations with a touch of class? It is possible to put love and childlike fancy into great decorations—and it all starts with a toilet paper roll.



My aunty was a Christmas tree perfectionist. One of those people who let the kids decorate the tree, then, once they’ve gone to bed, reshuffle every ornament so the tree is ‘just so’. 

As a kid I was incensed by the idea my home-made decorations weren’t front and centre on the Christmas tree, and I couldn’t understand why my lopsided, overly-glittered angel didn’t make the cut.

If that’s you, then there’s a happy medium—because with some Christmas craft, you can actually feature some decent upcycled decorations in your home.

The humble toilet paper roll holds untapped potential for Christmas ornaments, wreaths and any number of decorations. It’s easy to craft with, and it gives the kids (or your larrikin best friend) the chance to make any number of dunny jokes.

Don’t believe me? Here are some of the upcycled Christmas decorations you can make.


1. Ornament

Grab a few toilet paper rolls, and cut them into strips 2½ cm in width. Bend them to make an oval shape (like a flower petal), and put five together to make a complete flower shape. Stick the centre together with hot glue, and decorate with paint and glitter. To add a touch of glamour, stick an old brooch or a jewel in the centre. Attach some string to the top and you’re good to go!




2. Wreath

A Christmas wreath is easy to make—just replicate the process of creating an ornament numerous times and stick the finished pieces together in a wreath shape. Decorate with paint, ribbons or berries.

Alternatively, keep the toilet paper rolls as tubes, grab a few different sizes, and stick them together in the shape of a wreath or Christmas tree. Keep the ends facing out, paint and place some baubles in the tubes, and voila—a stunning wreath!



3. Gift boxes

With a few folds (no pun intended), a toilet paper roll can become a cute gift box, perfect for table decorations or party favours. Just paint the outer shell and decorate them with style. Draw a semi-circle on each end and fold in to create a neat package, and then glue shut. Tie with a ribbon and place in front of the fireplace, candles or Christmas lights. Beautiful!



4. Kids decorations

If you’re looking for a simple activity for the kids (with a lot less hot glue), use single toilet paper rolls to create Christmas characters to place around the house. Snowmen, Santa, even elves are all possibilities—just paint the roll a base colour, stick coloured paper on for accessories and include some googly eyes for a face. You could even try building a whole nativity scene to celebrate the season.



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