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Rooks at Dusk
Chick Yuill

Chick Yuill’s debut novel Rooks at Dusk follows a fictional Christian leader experiencing a moral and emotional collapse. He also has a stand-up comic son who has rejected his parents’ faith.

“The story asks the question about where someone can find grace when they no longer believe,” Chick tells Salvationist magazine.

“Without selling out to the kind of glib and easy endings that have blighted too much so-called Christian fiction, I’ve tried to bring the reader to the realisation that grace is available and is the only thing that makes real life possible,” Chick says.

Chick has been able to utilise social media to alert a wide range of potential readers.

“Of course, many of these early readers are Christians, but the list also includes Muslim acquaintances, neighbours from communist mainland China, self-confessed atheists—the kind of people who would never dream of reading an overtly Christian book,” Chick explains.

“I’ve no ambition to be the next J. K. Row­ling, but if I can help readers to find their way through the maze to a place of true faith with a good story as their guide, I’ll be happy.”


Tags: Salvation Army Australia

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Vol. 139, No. 14 // 11 April 2020

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