[ album ] A Touch of Blue

December 8, 2017

A Touch of Blue
Robyn Brown

Rating: 4 / 5 

Brisbane jazz singer Robyn Brown’s second album is a delight. 

Brown has such a natural affinity for jazz that her vocals are a seamless match for her excellent four-piece band—pianist Marnix van Bruggen, double bassist Peter Walters, drummer Max Sportelli and guitarist Sean Flynn. Walters and Flynn also double as arrangers, making this an innovative collection of new and familiar jazz tunes. 

The opening track ‘Moonray’ gives Brown plenty of scope for her dark chocolate vocals that soothe the soul and please the ear. It doesn’t take long for your toe to start tapping, and this would be a fine album to spend an evening with as you watch the sun go down, preferably with a jazz-loving friend or two. 

A Touch of Blue would make an ideal Christmas present for anyone who loves jazz or who needs to discover its delights!

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