Silvie Paladino: A holy gift

November 24, 2017


For many of us, it is hard to imagine Christmas without Carols by Candlelight—and it is hard to imagine Carols by Candlelight without Silvie Paladino. A regular performer at the event, Silvie brings not only an incredible vocal range and a spectacular voice when she takes the stage, but also a faith that understands the meaning of the carols she sings.

It’s not just Christmas that’s a busy time of year for Silvie, though, with regular appearances throughout the year in everything from concert performances with symphony orchestras to smash-hit musicals. She is a long-time friend of the Salvos, and has appeared on a number of albums and shared the stage with Salvo musicians on numerous occasions. 

This year, Silvie is partnering with The Salvation Army once again. Her new Christmas album, O Holy Night, features the Salvos’ Melbourne Staff Band, as well as the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Choir. 

It’s an exciting release, as this is Silvie’s first Christmas album, and will be welcomed not only by existing fans, but by anyone who enjoys celebrating Christmas through music. Showcasing a number of beloved carols, the album title reflects the importance of this time of year.

“We chose the title O Holy Night because it is one of the most popular of my performances on Carols by Candlelight—and, because for me, it moves me and fills my spirit with joy and awe for my Lord,” Silvie explains.

Silvie will also be performing as part of The Salvation Army’s Our Christmas Gift on 2 December, alongside per­formers like Sally Cameron, Imogen Spendlove, Nathan Lay and Anna McGahan.  

For Silvie, Christmas will be a time of celebration, both on stage and at home. 

“Christmas is a wonderful time of year when we spend time with family and friends. It’s a time for exchanging gifts and acknowledging the greatest of all gifts that God gave to us, Jesus.“

Warcry has five copies of O Holy Night to give away. To be in the running to win, enter by 11 December. 



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