Travel: Accommodating questions

November 10, 2017

Do you struggle to find great accommodation when you travel? Ask yourself these questions next time you’re looking for a place to stay, writes Jessica Morris.



Without a doubt, one of the most expensive aspects of every holiday is accommodation, but we all know price isn’t the only determining factor when we book a place to stay. With a bit of research, you can find an inexpensive place to sleep without sacrificing your comfort and safety. Ask yourself these questions next time you go on holidays.


1. What type of accommodation do I want?
Do you want to stay in a luxury hotel, an affordable bed and breakfast, a caravan park, or will you save cash and crash at a hostel? Each option comes with varying privacy and comfort, so decide early to grab the best room (or bunk) available.


2. Where is it located?
If you’re taking a quick trip somewhere, a hotel by the airport or highway is convenient. But during a week-long holiday, you’ll want something closer to tourist attractions and within walking distance of some cafes. Your accommodation’s proximity to public transport or parking will also determine where you book your stay.


3. How safe is it?
Safety is definitely something to be considered if you are travelling alone or with a family. Research the city or suburb your potential accommodation is located in, and visit a website such as Trip Advisor to see if violence, excessive noise, threatening people or lighting are issues for travellers.


4. How clean is it?
Every hotel or hostel will post photos of their ‘immaculate’ rooms online, but don’t take them at face value. The price you pay will often determine the cleanliness of the accommodation, as well as the presence of a suite or shared bathroom. To avoid roaches, rats, hair or dust, read the reviewers’ comments before you make a booking. 


5. Is there any fine print?

Before you press ‘Book now’, read the fine print. Do you need to pay in full now, or just make a deposit? Is there a withdrawal period, and will you get a refund if you pull out? Does it cost extra to use their tourist shuttle, car park or utilise their cleaning services? Is Wi-Fi free? And lastly, do they take out a security deposit on your arrival? Double-check so your budget isn’t thrown out of whack.


6. What is my best option?

Don’t just find one place to stay; select a few options and compare and contrast. Hotel booking websites will allow you to compare the prices of each, so surf around the net and see if you can get your preferred option any cheaper. Chances are another comparison website has a lower rate. 


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