The camera never lies

November 10, 2017


They say the camera never lies. This proved to be true after my wife and I recently visited Goulburn Weir, at Lake Nagambie in central Victoria.

My previous visit to the weir was with my parents when I was a newly minted teenager. On that occasion I proudly used my first camera to take snaps of the weir wall. Then I sat on the guardrail whilst Mum photographed me. In due course the processed prints arrived courtesy of the local pharmacy and are now safely kept in an old-fashioned photo album. 

On our recent visit, my wife used our digital camera to photo­graph me on the weir wall. The original timber rail has been removed in favour of a sturdy steel safety fence. The old and new pictures are now side by side in our digital album—and the camera never lies! After seven decades I scarcely resemble the teenager in the snap. Furthermore, the weir superstructure has been modernised, although its granite and masonry wall is reassuringly just the same.

A snapshot from yesteryear is a reminder that time catches up with us all no matter how long or short our life’s journey has been. As always, familiar scenes and faces are a source of reassurance and comfort. But my sense of security does not depend on external physical or human realities. 

A wise man wrote a song many centuries ago and it is found in the Bible. I relate to his words in Psalm 121, “My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth”. I believe that the God who created Australia and its rivers is eternal and dependable. 

The Bible also has these words about God, “I the Lord do not change. So you…are not destroyed” (Malachi chapter 3 verse 6). Well, that’s a welcome reassurance, particularly when I compare my teenage photograph with the new one proving me to be an octogenarian. 

But I need more than a couple of great ideas from the Bible, precious as they are, to keep me from getting anxious about all the changes in the world and in my own life. If the God of that ancient book was locked up in its pages and not active and present in my life, I’d be unsure if he really could make a difference when it really matters. 

Quite to the contrary, my experience proves God is ever reliable and not in the least out of date. God became real to me when I was a child as I came to faith in him through the example and influence of good Christians. That reality continues for me and strengthens year by year.

A lot of water has poured through that Goulburn Weir and brought productivity to surrounding farms during my lifetime. So too does God refresh and revitalise the lives of those who trust in him. So, just go with the flow and let God be your companion and guide.  


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