[book] Bush Doctors

September 15, 2017

Bush Doctors
Annabelle Brayley
Rating 4/5


The world is full of unsung heroes. Australia has more than its fair share and Bush Doctors celebrates some of those.

Subtitled 16 remarkable doctors from rural and remote Australia, Brayley takes us across the country and all the way to Antarctica. We learn the backstory of each doctor, all of whom have come from different places and backgrounds to work in often difficult and isolated circumstances.

The stories of the patients and medical situations show the incredible mix of medical knowledge, common sense and compassion that these doctors have as they deal with illness and injury without a hospital full of the latest equipment.

This book will give readers a fresh appreciation for the men and women providing medical services in rural Australia, and perhaps inspire medical students or doctors feeling a bit stale to swap the ‘burbs’ for the ‘bush’.


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Vol. 139, No. 14 // 11 April 2020

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