[ book ] In The Name Of The Family

September 8, 2017

In The Name Of The Family

Sarah Dunant

Rating: 4.5 / 5


Is there a need for another book about the Borgias? Well, yes.


Books, films, television series and operas have detailed the history, myths and legends of this papal family many times, both in the past and the present. Utilising new research and discoveries, Renaissance history buff Sarah Dunant chronicles the truth about Lucretia, used and abused by the Borgia family to secure the family dynasty. In this second historical novel, Dunant covers the final 18 years of Lucretia’s life and the family’s grip on power.


The contrivances, corruption and demise of Lucretia’s father, Rodrigo—who as Alexander VI is the reigning pope—and the relationship between Cesare, Lucretia’s older brother, and Niccolo Machiavelli are explored in detail, and provide the source material for Machiavelli’s The Prince.


This is an exciting read filled with all the devious machinations one has come to expect from this intriguing family.


Tags: Salvation Army Australia

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