Taste Le Tour: Gabriel Gate’s gourmet escape

July 28, 2017


Winter in Melbourne sees a plethora of sport hit our television screens.

While we expect constant broadcasts of AFL and NRL matches, and the many associated commentary programs about them, July also brings us two major international sporting events, the tennis at Wimbledon and the cyclists’ dream known as the Tour de France.

And then there is a delightful little program that accompanies the Tour de France, featuring Frenchman-turned-passionate-Australian, radio and television chef Gabriel Gaté. 

The perfectly named Taste Le Tour launches each Tour de France live broadcast, with our Aussie Frenchman doing his own little tour as he follows the route the cyclists take, stopping off to discover a foodie paradise in each little village or market town. 

This is obviously a labour of love. And a chance to tickle our tastebuds as Gabriel’s infectious passion for food draws us in.

What is so fetching about his approach is that we are never made to feel that he is the master chef with all the knowledge and we are just lowly viewers. In Gabriel’s world, it’s all about including us and sharing the tastes of charcuteries and patisseries he discovers around France, Switzerland and Germany.

Gabriel explains his television philosophy for these programs very simply.

“I plan to indulge my sense with many visits to local markets. I am committed with body and soul to taste the tour for you!”

And that’s exactly what he does.

The photography both of the gastronomic delights he discovers, and his genuine blissful reactions when he tastes them, mean we can almost taste them too.

When he visits a market in a small German village and indulges in a breakfast of a bratwurst in a roll with mustard, for him that is the haute cuisine of the day.

Gabriel has never been a food snob, and with his charming French accent is impossible to dislike.

Gabriel is also big on encouraging us to make some of these delights, and there is a link to finding the recipes on the program’s website. And, unlike so many television recipes, he promotes simple taste treats that we would be able to make in our home kitchens without needing a dozen unusual ingredients.

Just be warned that it’s not a good idea to watch this show before dinner, or you may need to issue a drool alert.

Given that the Bible has more than 40 different references to feasting, I think Gabriel is following in a famous biblical tradition with his focus on the joy of food.

So if you fancy a trip to the food paradise that is Europe, skip the cycling and just tune in for Taste Le Tour with Gabriel Gaté, and be charmed by this virtual trip to the foodie hot spots of Europe.


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