What’s killing your soul?

July 21, 2017


While having coffee with a friend at a local cafe, I overheard two women at the next table talking about work. I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop so I only caught bits and pieces of the conversation, but one particular sentence stuck with me.

“I don’t hate my job…but it is killing my soul.”

Wow! How could you not hate something that is killing your soul?

A survey conducted last year by Survey Sampling International on behalf of SEEK Learning showed that fewer than 50 per cent of Australian workers are happy with their jobs, yet only a small amount are actively looking to change their situation. 

Part of this is due to a lack of options relating to skill levels or opportunities, but it’s still startling to think that so many people are willing to settle for spending their working week doing something they either don’t like or, worse, feel is doing them harm.

The most startling thing about hearing this woman talk about her job is that she realises it is “killing her soul” but she still doesn’t hate it. How do we get so complacent that we no longer hate the things that feel like they’re robbing us of life?

Our soul is the very deepest part of who we are. It goes beyond the body that we can see. It has been described in the Bible as “the eternal component of man that is fashioned in the very image of God, and that can exist apart from the physical body” (Genesis chapter 21 verse 26).

When Jesus spoke to his disciples, he said to them, “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?” (Matthew chapter 16 verse 26).

Have you settled in some areas of your life even though you know it’s destroying you from the inside out? Of course, I’m not just talking about being in a dead-end job. There are behaviours, attitudes and thought patterns that can creep into our lives which, if left unchallenged, will leave our hearts hardened to the damage that is happening to our souls. Has it just become easier to put up with everything that has crowded into your life rather than fighting back and taking care of what matters most?

If there’s something that’s damaging or killing your soul, it’s time to start hating that thing. It’s time to make changes.

The good news is that God is willing and ready to help us overcome whatever is killing our souls. It’s not about turning over a new leaf or trying harder, but about turning over each area of our lives to the one who created our souls and wants the very best for us.        

This article was originally published on rodneyolsen.net


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