[ book ] Spoonfed Generation

July 14, 2017

Spoonfed Generation 
Michael Grose

Rating: 3.5 / 5


There’s a particular kind of guilt that washes over you when the parenting book you’re meant to review pokes holes in your own childrearing.


Such is the guilt of reading Spoonfed Generation by Michael Grose. But Grose, one of “Australia’s leading parenting educators”, gives us the guilts for a reason. He calls us overwrought and under-pressure parents to action—imploring us to provide the one thing our offspring need most. No, not the latest 3DS or Playstation, but independence.


And, as he points out, our guilt is more a reflection of our busy lives than our terrible parenting. Which working parent doesn’t find it quicker to get the kids their breakfast/uniforms/lunches etc. rather than waiting for them to do it themselves?


Grose has that particular skill of giving the power back to the reader. His suggestions for wresting back control are practical, easy to emulate and come with a “if-you-fail-then-try-try-again” in-built clause.


Published by Bantam Australia.



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