[ book ] Mission to China

June 9, 2017

Mission to China

John Holliday 
Rating: 3.5 / 5


Dr Walter Medhurst was a missionary who left London in 1816 for a London Missionary Society post in Malaysia to bring Christianity to Asia. En route, this 20-year-old printer and adventurer met his Anglo-Indian wife Betty, and thus began 50 years of service in Malaysia, Indonesia and China.


Medhurst combined an adventurous spirit, strong faith and genuine curiosity about other cultures to spread the Christian word. He was a skilled linguist, having learned several Chinese dialects from traders, and translated the Bible into Asian languages. Life was full of triumphs and tragedies, with the successful establishment of orphanages and schools, but also the loss of too many family members to childbirth or major illness in isolated locations.


On his return home in 1856, the North China Herald called him a scholar and Christian missionary who deserved the regard and respect of all men. High praise indeed.





Tags: Salvation Army Australia

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