A clear focus

June 2, 2017


People do not always see things in the same way. I know this for a fact. If I try on my wife’s spectacles, I can’t see the world as she sees it. What’s clear for her may be blurry for me, as vision is a personal thing. One lens certainly does not suit all.

But finding a clear focus is important for every­body—and not only when it comes to eyesight.

Sometimes I talk to young people who, having gained their degrees, have little idea of what to do with their lives. They can see many possibilities, but they have no clear vision of a satisfying role for themselves.

Some of them find that a picture of what they want to do develops gradually. Others suddenly experience a lightning-bolt moment, giving them clarity for the future.

But there are also those who never see what they want to do. Consequently they drift through life with­out a clear direction.

Having a vision is helpful in that it can bring us a purpose in the present and a goal to aim for in the future. It can also provide us with some stability when times are tough.

Over the centuries, many people have found that following Jesus gives them a strong focus for life. His offer of love and forgiveness for their wrongdoing has helped them to see ways in their own lives where they can be better people.

Jesus’ lifestyle of helping people in need has shown them a more compassionate way of looking at the world.

When we live like Jesus, we can find a clear vision. He said, “I have come into this world…so that the blind will see” (John 9:39 New International Version).

When we focus on Jesus, he gives us peace, joy and a unique hope for the future.


*With thanks to The War Cry UK


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