Use it or lose it

May 19, 2017



A couple of weeks ago I walked to my local post-box, about 600 metres from home, to post a card to a friend.

To my surprise and frustration, I found it had been sealed up. A sign noted that postal services were being withdrawn because of a lack of patronage and that soon this letterbox would be removed. It added that if I wished to find my nearest post-box I could ring a number for Australia Post.

I already knew where the nearest post-boxes were situated—and each of them was more than double the distance from my house. 

I decided to write a letter to Australia Post, as well as phoning them to make my protest. I also discovered some other people in our street were concerned about the impending loss of the post-box, so I contacted our local newspaper about the issue.

The journalist who wrote the article about our dilemma was told by Australia Post that unless a post-box received a minimum of 25 articles per day it was not cost-effective to have a mail van stop there six evenings a week, have a driver open the mailbox, empty what mail was there, close the mailbox, and move onto the next one about 1.5 kilometres down the road.  

The newspaper’s photographer took photos of us holding placards emblazoned with ‘Save our post-box’ to accompany the article, but as it’s obviously not being used enough, we’ll probably lose it despite our protests.

Use it or lose it. The same principle applies in other areas of our lives, such as exercise, too; if we don’t use the skills (or the body) we have, we’ll lose them (or our fitness).

It’s the same with our faith—we have to use it, or we’ll lose it. If we don’t read the Bible and take time to pray every day, we will lose our sensitivity to God, and our relationship with him will become weaker. 

This is not what he wants, of course. God wants us all to have a relationship with him.

As the words of John chapter 3, verse 16 tell us, he has provided us with the hope of eternal life, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son. Whoever puts his trust in God’s Son will not be lost but will have life that lasts forever.”

May I encourage you to use God’s provision, because if we don’t, we may lose it.


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