May 12, 2017

When it comes to social media app Instagram, everyone’s an amateur photographer. But search hard enough and you’ll find some accounts well worth your time, writes Jessica Morris.



Between the 909 Instagram accounts I follow (no, I’m not joking), it’s fair to say I’m flooded with content every single day. And while I have a penchant for liking hilarious photos of dogs and following my favourite celebs, even I know a quality Instagram account is a rare find. 

So who’s worthy of your ‘follow’?  Between landscape shots, portrait photography and foodie pics, I’ve dug through and found some of the best Instagram accounts going around. Here are five photographers you need to follow on Instagram.


Disposable Life (@disposablelife)
US actor and photographer Wyatt Nash uses old-school disposable cameras to capture stunning landscape shots across California. Working by the mantra ‘wind and click’, his point-and-shoot attitude provides some imperfect, but nonetheless exquisite shots that remind you reality is always better than fiction.


Alice Zaslavsky (@aliceinframes)
Foodies get excited, because former MasterChef contestant and author Alice Zaslavsky’s Instagram feed is a treat for the eyes. Filled with shots of delicious fresh produce, behind-the-scenes takes from her hectic lifestyle as the food editor for The Weekly Review, and gorgeous at-home shots, you’ll instantly warm to her quirky sense of humour and fierce passion for mouth-watering food.

New Humans of Australia (@newhumansofaustralia)
Based on the uber-successful photo series Humans of New York, New Humans of Australia is a compelling take on the stories of refugees and people who have migrated to our country. Showcasing people of all ages and ethnicities, this account publishes first-person accounts of the subject’s story, showing the valuable contribution migrants have made to Australian society and what many have overcome to get here.


Stephlee Photography (@stephleephotography)
Fans of wedding photography and family portraits will love Geelong-based Stephlee Photography’s gorgeous collection of timeless photographs. From the ethereal beauty of actress Esther Anderson’s wedding to images of siblings doting over a newborn, this account shows all the best facets of the human experience when it comes to love.


Jeremy Cowart (@jeremycowart)
When it comes to portrait photography, Jeremy Cowart is one of the best in the business. Known as the founder of the Purpose Hotel, he also takes shots of high-profile actors, actresses and musicians. He recently opened up his Tennessee studio to the general public, making his shots all the more organic and provocative.


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